Private Lessons

Excellent Training. Creative Expression. Personal Achievement. Systematic Curriculum.

May 17, 2016


“We learned an enormous amount. We grew exponentially. Our teacher, Ryan Abshier, is beyond exceptional.”

Qualified instructors with Master’s degrees in piano

Comprehensive approach to music fundamentals

Distinctive styles of classical composers and eras

Engaging application of music theory and history


I really enjoyed learning and growing as a musician. He talked a lot about musical expression when playing the keyboard and that really helped me see it in a different light.”

Emphasis on artistry and musical expression

Improvisation incorporated into lessons

Creative teaching styles in a positive environment

Discovery of the musical significance of each piece


I came into this class wanting to learn piano and I’m walking away confident that I now can.”

Success in personal goals

Achievement of consistent progress

Development of practice skills

Integration of various learning styles


“Laura did an excellent job of presenting challenging pieces for my level while also greatly increasing my general piano knowledge. She did a great job of teaching specifics and helping me set goals that were reasonable for me.”

Prepared plans for weekly piano lessons

Short and long term goals for every student

Uniquely created curriculum and supplemental materials

Structured and orderly progression of concepts